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1.Pick a team scribe that writes very legibly and put that person in charge of writing your answers on the sheets provided. You are provided 10 sheets, one for each round. 


2.Guess how many points your team will receive and write it on the line provided on the Round 1 Answer Sheet. There will be 100 questions, a total of 100 points possible. Your guess is our tie-breaker in case we need it.


3. Answer the Questions. The runners will hand out printed copies of that round’s questions to each table. Your team will quietly confer on one answer to each question, and your team scribe will write it down on the answer sheets provided.

4. The runners will pick up the answer sheets. When most teams have finished, the MC will sound the gong and give the remaining teams one minute to finish up. It will be sounded again when time is up. The MC will read the correct answers. 

Scores are very close at the beginning of the night. The leaderboard will be updated after the third round.

5.Mulligans.You may purchase ‘Mulligans’ from your runner – 3 for $10. You may use one mulligan instead of answering a question. If you really don’t know the answer, place the mulligan sticker on the line where the answer should go. Only 6 mulligans allowed per team.


Trivia Night poster.jpg

9. TURN ALL CELL PHONES OFF. Then set them in the middle of the table in the tray provided. Leave them there. During the breaks, you may leave the room to use them. When you return to the room, once again shut them off and place them back in the tray. 


10.Runners - Get to know your ‘runner’. Your runner will introduce himself or herself to you as you are setting up for the evening. This same person will collecting the answer sheets, getting change for you, and watching for cell phone use. If you have any questions, get their attention and they will be able to help you. 


11.At the end of the evening, the team with the highest score will win the trivia trophy and $150 to share amongst their team. The second place team will win $75.


You are welcome to bring any food and drink you desire to Trivia Night.

We will serve popcorn and bottles of water will be available for a $1 donation.

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